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FAQs -

  • Service Animals - Palmer's does not have a proper "relief area" for pets.  Service animals are fine though.

  • Outside alcohol - we hold a "mixed beverage" permit, TABC law does not allow us outside alcohol

Seating -

  • Only complete parties may be sat during peak times

  • Seating is limited to 90 minutes during peak periods.

  • Separate checks - we allow up to 3 separate payments per table.

  • Reservations are accepted on a limited basis, see our Manager for details.

  • Call ahead seating - this is an industry wide concept that simply adds your name to the list when you 1st call, this does not guarantee your table will be ready upon arrival but it does help us know you are coming and we do best to have a table.   You will be seated at the next available table if we are on a wait.

Dining Guidelines & Attire Standards

  • Guest attire can elevate or diminish the experience of others. We consider hats, tank tops, flip flops, and team athletic attire too casual for our restaurant. Our staff takes pride in their appearance and we ask our guests to respect our attire guidelines.

  • Dining Guidelines

  • Cash payment is preferred. We gladly accept all major credit cards. Please note we do have a 3% cash discount. All menu pricing is based on cash transactions.

  • 3rd party gift cards are accepted but due to processors we may only run for 20% less than the current value.

  • Our restaurant is intended for 2 - 6 guests, large groups may not be seated adjacent to one another during peak hours.  Tables may not be combined depending on business volume.

  • Our restaurant is generally not the best environment for young children. We welcome families, but we ask parents to keep children at the table calm, vocal infants or youngsters outside of the dining room.

  • While we consider special requests, modifications are not always possible as they can impact the focus of the kitchen and the integrity of many dishes.

  • Please notify us of any allergies as the ingredients listed on the menu are abbreviated.

  • To minimize distractions to other guests, please take cell phone conversations out of seated areas, set devices to silent, and limit the use of laptops or tablets.

  • Alcohol consumption - Palmer's adheres to strict TABC guidelines concerning alcohol consumption, please note it is in our best interest and the safety of all guests to implement our cut-off policy when necessary.

  • ALLERGIES - we do our best to accommodate the needs of any allergic or dietary needs.  We are not food scientists and do our best to inform our staffof options for our menu items.

  • GLUTEN FREE - we are NOT a gluten-free kitchen and declare "partially gluten-free or PGF".  Airborne glutens or equipment may cross with foods.  If you are allergic to these we highly suggest another dining option.

  • Steak Temperatures - we will adhere to standards on cooking grilled steaks and will stand behind these standards of internal temperatures - RARE 125-130 cool red, Med Rare 130-140 warm red, Medium 140-150 hot pink, Med Well 150-160 slight pink, Well done 165 brown center. In the random event we do over cook a grilled steak above these standards we will gladly replace.

  • Ribeyes - we spec only Certified Angus or HeartBrand Akaushi whole loins and cut in-house. Both of our sources have strict harvesting guidelines and marbeling is a key factor in grading carcasses.





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